Christine Pearson, M.s.O.M L.Ac. 

Golden Child Acupuncture

Picture of Christine 

​​​​​​Christine received her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine  from the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her education was focused on the Huangdi Neijing, a classical acupuncture text dating back over 2000 years.  The school focused on student translation of ancient texts in an attempt to return our medicine to the roots. Scholarship is essential to providing good medical care. Students not only learned "protocols" but basic foundational science to understand why the protocols work.  

She used the details of the channel theory outlined in this book to write her thesis in school titled, "The Clinical Relevance of Tattoos in Chinese Medicine."  She loves integrating the ancient wisdom she learned in school into the modern lives we all live.

She has trained in Chinese herbal medicine as well as western herbal medicine . She practices Shonishin, a gentle form of non-insertion acupuncture for babies and children.She was trained in infant cranial-sacral by Carol Gray. She prides herself in learning from the best so she can bring better care to her patients. 

​She learned Zhu scalp acupuncture from Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc and assisted Edie teaching students this valuable system at NUMN for seven years.  Zhu scalp acupuncture assists in stroke recovery and neurological conditions such as MS.    

Her training has included supporting chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, cancer support, multiple sclerosis, migraines, paralysis, and chronic pain. She also focused studies on gynecology, fertility, pediatrics, and addiction. She uses acupuncture, acupressure, Shonishin, moxa, cupping, electroacupuncture, guasha, medical qigong, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, nutritional counseling, and Shiatsu massage in various combinations for all treatments. She custom designs Western and Eastern herbal prescriptions applied topically or taken internally. 


Christine is an advocate for the Queer and Trans (LGBTQQIA2S+) community and their families. She understands the impacts that inequality has on health facing women, BIPOC, transgender/gender fluid/NB folks, and immigrants.  

She believes in holistic child rearing and enjoys all the creative ways parenting is practiced in Portland. She loves helping parents accomplish health and wellness goals, like sleeping through the night or working on developmental delays.   

She relaxes by  practicing Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) with her wife and teaching her doodles, and chickens new circus tricks.  Joy is one of the essential ingredients to longevity. 

Curriculum Vitae

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, High Honors
     National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR, 2008-2012
     Thesis: “Clinical Relevance of Tattoos in Chinese Medicine”

Bachelor of Science, General Science Major, Minors in Biology and Women’s Studies          

        Portland State University, Portland, OR 2006-2008 

        Pre-med track

Associate of Science
      Portland Community College, Portland, OR, 2004-2006
      Pre-medical Track

Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA 2002-2004
      Early Childhood Development Training and Anthroposophical Medicine Training


National University of Natural Medicine (National College of Natural Medicine), Portland,OR

Adjunct Faculty  2016-Current
     Classes Taught: Clinical Case Studies II-III, Chinese Medicine Diagnostics I-II, Acu-moxa Points I-III & V,  Acu-moxa Techniques I- III, V&VI, Clinical Medicine (LGBTQ+, Gynecology blocks), Introduction to Chinese Medicine (Energetic Boundaries block), Auricular Acupuncture, Foundations of Chinese Medicine substitute instructor, Qi Gong substitute instructor

Clinical Supervisor 
     Clinical Supervisor Portland, OR 2018-Current
     Clinical Observation, Clinical Mentorship Rotation, and Internship Supervisor NUNM Health Clinic, Portland, OR 2018-Current

Teacher’s Assistant 2013-2020
     Classes: Acu-Moxa I-VI, Acu-Moxa Techinques I-VI, Auricular Acupuncture, Advanced Acu-Moxa Techniques, Palpation and Perception I-III,  

     Foundations of Classical Chinese Medicine I-III, and Internal Medicine I-III

Portland Community College, Portland, OR, 2006-2009
       Science, Math, and ESL Tutor, PCC Cascade Campus Tutoring Center 
       Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Geometry, Algebra,Trigonometry, and English as a Second Language

 Swallowtail Waldorf School, Hillsboro, OR 2002-2004
     Kindergarten Assistant and Substitute, Sex Education Teacher, Aftercare Director, and Summer Arts Camp Teacher

Clinical Experience

Golden Child Acupuncture, LLC, Portland, OR 2013-Current
     Owner and Practitioner

NUNM Health Clinic, Portland, OR, 2018-Current
     Clinical Supervisor

Sunnyside NUNM Clinic, Clackamas, OR, 2018-2019
     Clinical Supervisor

An Hao Clinic, Portland, OR 2011
     Volunteer Preceptor for Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc

Certificate and Trainings​

Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders, Jamie Hampton LAc, 18 hours, 2022

Moxibustion Material and Methods, Lorraine Wilcox LAc, 6 hours, 2021

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for PCOS, Dr Ming Jing, 2 hours, 2021

Treating Disease of the Lower Jiao, Shen Nong Society East Asian Herbal Medicine Conference, 7.5 hours, 2020

The Memory of the Heart Kiiko Matsumoto Acupuncture to Defend and Nourish the Shen, Monica Kobylecka, 15 hours, 2020

OSHA Safety Webinar, Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, 2 hours, 2020

Covid-19 Clinical Trials in China, HerbCareUS: Public Herbal Donations during Covid-19, Filling the Gap: A Call to Action for Acupuncturists, 

NCCAOM Town Hall Meeting, 2 hours, 2020

Malpractice and Liability during Covid-19, NCCAOM  Town Hall, 2 hours, 2020

Reopening Clinic During COVID-19: Personal Protections, Safety & Chinese Herbs, NCCAOM  Town Hall, 2 hours, 2020

Hospitals: Current State of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine and Preparing for the Future, NCCAOM Town Hall, 2 hours, 2020

Foundations II: Kiiko Matusmoto's Hara Diagnosis, Monica Kobylecka, 13.5 hours, 2020

Foundations I : Kiiko Matsumoto's Hara Diagnosis, Monica Kobylecka, 13.5 hours, 2020

Integrative Pelvic Therapy, Kathryn Kloos, ND, 14 hours, 2019

Vaccinations Continuing Education Course, Heather Zwickey, PHD, 8 hours, 2019

Reversing Systemic Toxicity, Kiiko Matsumoto, Lac, 15 hours, 2019

Integrative Energetic Anatomy and Manipulations, Regis Blin and Sylvie Martin, 19 hours, 2019

Getting Started in Chinese Medicine Dermatology, Diana Herman, LAc, 2018

Medical Cannabis Conference, NUNM, 12 hours, 2018

HIPAA for Covered Entities, NUNM, 2018

Chinese Liniments: Preparations and Use,Golden Compass,  2 hours, 2018

Active Isolated Stretching I/II,  Moving Mountain Institute, 13 hours, 2018

Transgender Health 101, Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine,  8 hours, 2018

Cranial Sacral Therapy, I-III Moving Mountain Institute, 37.5 hours 2015-2018

Tooth from a Tiger’s Mouth Seminars: Gong Fu Sports Medicine, Tom Bisio 1, 14 hours, 2017

Foundations of Medical Pulse Diagnosis, 12 hours, 2017

Subtle Hands, Carol Gray, 21 hours, 2017

Infant Cranial Sacral Therapy, Carol Gray, 42 hours, 2017

Integrated Visceral Techinques I &II, Moving Mountain Institute, 13 hours, 2017

Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation and Thai Herbal Poultice Massage, Beth Griffing, LAc and Cecily Braden, LE, 16 hours, 2017 

Habitual Miscarriage: Diagnosis and Treatment with Case Studies, Sharon Weizenbaum, 6 hours, 2016

Integrative Fertility Symposium, Vancouver, BC, 26 hours, 2016

Myofascial Release I-II, Moving Mountain Institute, 13 hours, 2016

Fire Dragon Qi Gong, Master Wu, 16 hours, 2016

Insurance and Billing Seminar, NCNM, 20 hours,  2015

Neijing Medicine: 27 Techniques of the Guanzhen- Physiology, Pathology, and Practice, David White, 13 hours, 2015

Wilderness First Aid, NOLS, Portland, OR, 16 hours, 2015

Case Studies from a Female Doctor, Lorraine Wilcox, LAc, Alahambra Medical University, 4 hours, 2015

Meaningful Care Conference: LGBTQIA Health Care Competency, 20 hours, 2014

Oregon Pain Management Units, A Train Education, 6 hours, 2014

Rebozo Training and Advanced Rebozo Doula Training, Gena Kirby Garcia, 36 hours, 2013-2014

Matrona Holistic Doula Training, Whapio Bartlett, 20 hours, 2013

Holistic Pelvic Care I-II, Tami Kent, MSPT, 2012-2013

CPR certification, Just in Time Training, 2012-Current

Moxibustion Seminar, Lorraine Wilcox, LAc, Emperor’s College, 15 hours, 2012

Trans Healthcare NOW, Basic Rights Oregon, 8 hours, 2011

Neijing Acupuncture, Dr Edward Neal, MD, 1 year course, 2010-2011

Healing Community Trauma, Acupuncturists Without Borders, 15 hours, 2011

Japanese Moxibustion, Bob Quinn, DSOM, LAc, NCNM, 8 hours, 2011

Sunnyfield Institute of Herbal Studies: Advanced Western Herbalism, Matthew Wood, 90 hours, 2008

Publications, Lectures, and Interviews

2020 LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion Training, Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center, 2 hours, February 2020

2019 Can Acupuncture Help You Have Better Sex?, Aly Semigran,   

Lan Su Garden Presentation Series, Lecture on The Sanjiao, Spring 2014

Professional Affiliations

Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Member, 2020- Present

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), Dipl. Of Acupuncture, 2012-current

Oregon Medical Board, Acupuncture License, 2013-current 


Nominee for Best Thesis Award, NCNM, 2012