Herbs are used to return to the body to health, alleviate symptoms, and assist the body in remembering physiological harmony.  Every body has a unique signature and each herbal prescription is tailored to suit your specific needs.  


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In a busy world it is easy to forget the healing potential within.

Chinese Medicine can help you find your light.   

Return to the Golden Child Within

Herbal Medicine 



HPC andHPE work to rebalance the physical, emotional, and energetic health of the pelvic floor and pelvic bowl by releasing the myofascial restrictions that accumulate from stress, pregnancy, illness, and trauma; as well as the energetic underlying imbalances that lead to the physical discomfort and pain. A woman's pelvic bowl can be a deep well of creative energy waiting to be unleashed. 

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Holistic Pelvic Care ™ (HPC) and Holistic Pelvic Energy™ (HPE) 

Golden Child Acupuncture

Acupuncture can treat many issues such as anxiety, pain,  and gynecological issues.  Each treatment is individually created based on the current state of your body.  Acupuncture works with your body's resources to restore ease where there is dis-ease.   


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